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GI Coffeehouses


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Out of stock

This print was created for the Iraq Veterans Against the War/Justseeds print portfolio War is Trauma and celebrates the tradition of GI Coffeehouses.

The first GI coffeehouse, the UFO was established in 1967 near Ft. Jackson as a place for soldiers to gather and organize against the Vietnam War, disseminate counter-military information, enjoy entertainment, and provide support for one another. The coffeehouse movement grew throughout the 60s and 70s, but was met with military repression, and many were shut down.

Today’s veterans have revived the coffeehouse tradition in order to build community and resistance. Since 2007, GI coffeehouses have started at Ft. Drum, NY (The Different Drummer), Norfolk, VA (Norfolk Offbase), Ft. Lewis (Coffee Strong), and Ft. Hood (Under the Hood). They have saved countless lives by providing information on GI rights, counseling and legal referrals, and a safe space to relax for veterans, service members, and their families.

Also available as a 4 color screenprint on blue paper (choose color at checkout):


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