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Give Back the Land


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Out of stock

I made this image by hand, like almost everything else that I make. About a year ago I found a pile of old maps printed onto a yellowing acetate from the public library in Astoria, Oregon. They were all depictions of the Columbia River Basin, where I live. I took them home with me and wondered what to do with them for ages, before I decided to just use them as simple positives for silkscreen exposure- and they worked great. I drew the text in an ink wash on vellum and printed the whole thing at the small cooperative print studio where I work. For me this slogan, and the layered maps, implies a striving towards a different relationship with land, and with the history of land. So deep at the heart of everything we live, the land is the first and last thing we are alienated from. Who should it be given back to? Perhaps back to itself.

This is the remaining edition from our Community Supported Art program in 2015.

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