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Got Oil?

Street.Rec & Josh MacPhee

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Back in 2001–02 I was part of a small crew of like-minded political artists in Chicago called Street.Rec. We carried out a number of political art actions (mostly in Chicago, many documented in this publication), but the most publicized was the deployment of a series of politicians heads converted into contemporary monsters—our version of the horsemen of the apocalypse. Most of the design work for these was done by Dave Grant, with conceptual input from the rest of the group. The most popular, and the one that became a meme of sorts—prior to the real take-off of social media— was Dick Cheney’s Got Oil? mugshot. A great article about the life of these images was written by Dara Greenwald, originally published in Punk Planet, and now lives HERE.

These posters were quickly screenprinted for use in protests and wheatpasting. They are scrappy and raw, and none of them are “exact” or fully “clean” prints.