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Graphic Liberation: Image Making and Political Movements



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What is the role of image and aesthetic in revolution? Through a series of interviews with some of the most accomplished political graphics makers across the globe, Graphic Liberation charts the importance of social movement aesthetics from the struggle for abolition by the Black Panthers, the agitation during the AIDS crisis from ACT-UP, the fight against apartheid in South Africa and Palestine, as well as ongoing organizing against nuclear power, for housing, and international solidarity in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Europe, and here at home.

In ten conversations, political culture maker and researcher Josh MacPhee talks to decorated graphic artists Avram Finkelstein, Alison Alder, Emory Douglas, Dignidad Rebelde (Melanie Cervantes and Jesus Barraza), Jamaa Al-Yad (Daniel Drennan ElAwar), Tomie Arai, Sandy Kaltenborn, Judy Seidman, A3BC Collective, and Tings Chak, focusing on each of their contributions to the field of graphics and design, their relationships to social movements and political organizing, the history of political image making, and issues arising from reproduction and re-use.

Published by Common Notions Press.


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