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We’re All In This Together



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This is another print in my "worm" series, and although not technically 3D, it certainly can make you dizzy! In 2011, I printed this large-scale print in Pittsburgh at the fabulous Artist Image Resource with the help of Justseeds' Mary Tremonte.

I'm not entirely sure where the worms are coming from, I think I've had a lot of processing going on in the back of my head about life and death and regeneration, something that worms are a vital part of (chewing up the toxins in soil and shitting out clean, healthy dirt that helps things grow). This print is also a printer's joke in a way, as it is printed in CMYK (the four process colors used to print in full color when properly registered on top of each other: Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black), but none of the prints are registered exactly, each one is unique, and even if they were "correctly" registered, then the worm would simply be black, rather than an explosion of color. We're all in this together, but that doesn't mean we need to follow the rules!


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