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Out of stock

This print is about place and connection, making space a home.

I created this print to go inside issue #1 of Outpost Journal. Founded in 2010, Outpost Journal is “a non-profit, bi-annual print publication on underground/‘outsider’ art, design and innovative community action in small to mid-size urban areas in the US that explores new ideas about how to engage with the world and strengthens the ties between progressive artist communities in urban areas. Each issue of Outpost will focus on a single location and comes packaged with a limited edition print by a local printmaker from the featured city.” Their first issue focused on Pittsburgh, and featured articles and art of Justseeds, tENT, Justin Hopper, Jen Cooney, Caldwell Linker, Jacob Ciocci, Tim Kaulen, RUST, and more. Some talented Providence pals were involved in its creation. To order the magazine see HERE

This print was printed from copper plates on a platen press at Third Termite Press. Many thanks to Alisa Dix! Alisa strove to work with me to get the colors just right, even adding some shimmer to the light green, and double hit each layer—the prints are really beautifully debossed. This is the first time I’ve had someone else print my work!

The prints in the magazine are unsigned and open edition; I’ve signed and numbered a small number to sell here on Justseeds.


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