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I’ve been thinking a lot about flags lately. What will be the symbols of our movement in the future?

Here’s one offering. I wanted a flag that would express the complexity of our identities, but would also be a fighting flag, centering intersectionality within class struggle.

I wanted something to express how we join together to fight for change. So the daggers came in, a wheel of knives inside a five-pointed star. The five points are a nod to the traditional revolutionary star, but that too can be limiting, as are the colors to be chosen: what systems and what identities are represented and which ones are left out? The important thing is that there a number of them, and all are important in shaping our struggle.

But lastly, green, I didn’t want to leave out green. I wanted to refer to, not necessarily abstract climate or ecological struggles, but, as bell hooks writes, the recovery of a deep identity with place and land as part of resistance and healing, intersecting with other identities and systems.

Here’s some more thoughts on the topic.