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Stacey Malasky

This print is made from hand-cut paper and a shimmery gold ink by Stacey Malasky:

This print was inspired by a quote on the office wall of Pat Dorn, a long time Detroit resident and community builder. Pat gave our collective endeavor, Ocelot Print Shop, a space to come into being. We moved into the building right in time for Pat’s 70th birthday and this piece was created in honor of that. It embodies the work that he does and inspires in others to create.

Printed at Ocelot Print Shop in Detroit, MI.


Ape Portraits

Ape Portraits

January 5, 2011

Here’s a link to the site of photographer James Mollison, who has undertaken a great project of portraiture in Indonesia, Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo: Passport photographs of apes….