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I see you. I see you out there making the world better. I've overheard your schemes and dreams. I witnessed the attacks you endured simply for who you are. I see the defenses you've put up, despite hesitant attempts to be open and vulnerable. How you've pursued an internal sense of balance even while this world is all askew. I applaud your courage, perseverance, and resilience. I am overwhelmed by your strength and generosity. I am inspired that even in this historical moment, you are working to protect and support others. But sometimes, love, once in a while, please take some time to focus on repair. Take the time you need. Take your own time. Look around - look inside - and mend.



Design originally conceived during a collaboration with the printmakers of the Mexican collective Escuela de Cultura Popular de los Martires del 68 in an encuentro (meeting) held south of Mexico City. Designing, carving, and printing included the presence of free range chickens. Edition printed in Detroit, Michigan at Signal Return press, unfortunately without the availability of live chickens.



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