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Venn Fracking


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In a Venn diagram, two circles combine in the center. My Venn diagram of fracking shows what I believe is the inevitable result of this process. Yes, more studies should be done; more clear and empirical data should be found on the hazards of hydraulic fracturing. But it follows basic logic that what you get out is related to what you put in. All good chefs know this, and that is why they insist on fresh ingredients. So we must also insist that our water ways aren't filled with carcinogenic toxins, that our skies aren't polluted, and that our lands aren't covered with drilling machinery. We must insist that this mixture is not inevitable.

This image was drawn and cut entirely by hand out of rubylith. The original silkscreen print was printed in two layers using transparent inks, so the color in the middle is physically a mixture of the two colors, as in a Venn diagram.

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