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Mini Prints


These are 12 different mini-prints of my designs. Some are old, some new, some otherwise out of print, some just small versions of prints you can buy in their large format here on Justseeds.

Rather than sell them individually, you can buy them in packs of 3! So when you check out, choose which 3 you would like (and you can choose 3 of the same print if you would like!).

Above, left to right: “We Want Everything” | “Vote” | “No Fence Uncut”

Above, left to right: “Strike” | “Young Americans” | “Tierra y Libertad”

Above, left to right: “Buck the System” | “The City Is Ours” | “History”

Above, left to right: “End Israeli Apartheid” | “Bricks” | “Run Faster Comrade”

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Blanca Navidad

Blanca Navidad

June 21, 2009

We got this report in the mail the other day from independent writer, journalist and photographer David Bacon. It’s a nice short piece, and a great photo essay. Bacon has…