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I was thinking of the boys who take up arms in wars of liberation for their families and communities, the innocence of bodies and the heaviness of weapons. In Latin America, the combatants were often known as “los muchachos.”

The background of the image is made of found leaves pressed into a soft ground on the metal plate, then etched in acid.

Gratitude for Nail Houses

Gratitude for Nail Houses

November 10, 2022

We think sometimes that cities are defined by their castles and towers, their highways and skyscrapers. But they are also defined by their exceptions: their nail houses and holdouts, scavenged…

They Want our Home

They Want our Home

November 11, 2021

They want our home. Our home. For themselves. They think they have a right to our home simply because they have more money. We are fighting it. The buyers knew…