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No to the University as Factory



This is one of a series of images I’ve been reworking from the Atelier Populaire in Paris 1968. I printed hundreds of them and distributed them for free at Interference Archive the weekend before 2018’s May Day demonstrations.

With the risograph you can print lots of flyers and posters very cheaply and quickly, but ultimately ink, paper, etc. still costs money. So I’m trying to make small editions of slightly nicer versions to sell here, in the hopes that if I can sell 20 prints for $10/each (for example), that will pay for the ability to print 500 other copies and give them away for free (as well as put the image up on Justseeds free graphics download page. So if you like this print, please buy one, and help me print and distribute lots more! And thanks!

Available in Purple or Green!


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