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The dichotomy of living in NYC. Once a cultural melting pot now, a slowly homogenizing home of the affluent and transient internationals. NYC is still a place of diversity, anonymity and struggle. We bust our ass to pay its always increasing costs, to live in substandard conditions, all because “it’s a good deal (for NYC)”. But why? this place is nothing like, as many say, it was “back in the day” and by the time we cultivate any community we’re priced out, kicked out and left out for the real estate vultures. But we keep on going back, and we love to complain-subway fares, weather, rent, work, how “hard”-“it” is, and on, and on.

I made this print about my home, NYC.

Choose “NYC I Hate to Love You”, “NYC I Love to Hate You”, or the pair (for $20) at checkout.

Also available as:

4-up print

2-up skinny print