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Patience Has Limits: Palestinian Sounds and Solidarity, 1960–1990


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Out of stock

Patience Has Limits is a 90-minute cassette collecting 22 songs, live-mixed from vinyl records directly to tape at The P.I.T. in Los Sures, Brooklyn. All the songs are either by Palestinian artists or were recorded in solidarity with Palestine, from records I've been collecting over the past decade, with recordings from Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Malta, Morocco, Italy, Sweden, Norway, and Palestine itself. The oversized j-card is 3-color printed, contains a complete track list, as well as a collage of graphics lifted from the records used to make the tape.

This cassette is an edition of 250. It is Pound the Pavement #30/P.I.T. Tapes #1.

This mixtape is a benefit for Palestine Legal, a total of $3,000 was donated as of March 2024. No money is being made by individuals on this project.

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