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Performing Statistics

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Based in Virginia, Performing Statistics is an ongoing project that connects incarcerated youth, artists and policy advocates to produce media campaigns, police training initiatives, and mobile exhibitions. Their work has been seen by tens of thousands across Virginia and beyond, and is being used to train every police officer in Richmond, VA.

The newspaper is their first publication, and is full to the brim with the teen’s amazing art and advocacy materials.

This is more than a publication. It’s a mobile exhibit full of amazing art, writing, and ideas generated by a group of incarcerated youth living in Richmond, VA. It’s not just for you to read. Cut it up. Put it in your room, office, or community space. Use it to better understand the issue. Use it to hear from those most impacted by the system. Use it to help guide, prompt, and facilitate discussions in a classroom, public space, dinner table, or political center of power.

Justseeds artist Molly Fair worked with the incarcerated youth in the program to create some of the poster designs found in the newspaper.
Newspaper designed by Bizhan Khodabandeh.
NOTE: Yes, it says “Always Free” on the cover! Justseeds is selling a small number of copies of this paper to help Performing Statistics gather funds for their next issue, and to use our networks to broaden the reach of their project! 

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