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This is a one color linoleum block print, created in 2006. It's a small edition of 9, printed onto tan mulberry paper with purplish blue ink. The text says, "We want housing, land, bread, clothing, education, justice, and peace." It is from an excerpt from the Black Panther Party "What we want now! What we believe" from 1966. This print was created to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the creation of the Black Panther Party Ten Point Platform which you can read at this link.

It is nearly the 70th anniversary of this document and their platform continues to be resonant for educators and activists. Wayne Au has created a lesson utilizing the program at this link. Amplifying this history connects us to activists from previous generations. We can draw connections from the past to current issues, to understand how people created power in community in the past, and that we can continue this work today. Celebrating history can inspire young people to find commonality between various social justice movements, and to build intergenerational solidarity. These words are relevant to human rights work today, and can continue to be utilized to guide our collective organizing work.

The image is of a parent facing to the left wearing a t-shirt with diamond pattern on it holding a child wearing a knit hat and wrapped in a blanket. They are standing in an unfurnished apartment with a window on the right side and a doorway with more windows behind them. The text is written on the left side of the paper and reads, We want land, bread, housing, education, clothing, justice and peace. Below it the text says, exerpt from Black Panther Party platform and program what we want, what we believe. 1966.


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