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Plan Mort


This poster was made in response to a Québec Government resource extraction development scheme known as Plan Nord/Plan North (or Plan Mort/Plan Death), which would open up massive amounts of Indigenous lands to clear cutting, mining operations, hydroelectric dams, and shale gas extraction.

In 2014, Justseeds was invited to Participate L’Art Manif 7  in Québec City’s Art Biennial. The theme of the event was “Resistance – and then, we built new forms”. We exhibited prints from the Uprisings project and our Voices From the Outside portfolio. At Repetitive Press in Toronto we made 250 copies of 4 designs by different Justseeds artists to give away during the exhibit. This is one of those designs.

Posts by Jesse Purcell

Call for donation of art.

Call for donation of art.

April 13, 2011

HAVEN: an art auction to benefit the Montreal Native Women’s Shelter For their 3rd annual art auction, our friends down at the Ste-Emilie Skillshare would like to recognize the front-line…