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Voices From Outside: Critical Resistance

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ORGANIZERS: Alec Dunn, Pete Railand, Nicolas Lampert, and Bettina Escauriza (Critical Resistance).


YEAR: 2008

PRINTING INFO: Twenty one prints in a wrap-around cover. Cover printed by Jenna Golden and Alec Dunn at Printed Matter Screen Printing. The portfolio included a CDROM of high-res prison abolition graphics.

EXHIBITIONS (2009-2020):

  • Paul Robeson Galleries, Rutgers University-Newark, Newark, NJ
  • Alteregos Cafe, Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Project Lodge, Madison, WI
  • Stanley A. Milner Library, Edmonton, Albert
  • Exile Infoshop, Ottawa, Ontario
  • Arts For Art: Evolving Festival, NYC
  • Montreal Anarchist Bookfair, Montreal, Quebec
  • Toronto Free Gallery, Toronto, ON
  • Mess Hall, Chicago, IL
  • Whippersnapper Gallery, Toronto, ON
  • Pain Sugar Gallery, Riverside, CA
  • Certain Days Collective, Ste-Emilie SkillShare, Montreal, Quebec
  • Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario

During the summer of 2008, Justseeds completed our first collective portfolio Voices From Outside in association with Critical Resistance‘s ten year anniversary conference in Oakland, California, which took place on September, 2008. Critical Resistance Ten was a gathering of activists, educators, and allies of prisoners who came together to promote organizing efforts to abolish the US prison system.

The portfolio included twenty-one prints from artists and artist collectives active in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Each print critiqued or addressed alternatives to, the prison-industrial complex. Each artist was responsible for their own printing and then mailed them to Justseeds where the portfolio was assembled and then distributed.

Justseeds archived two portfolios and sold 20 to recover costs. Each artist received one copy. The remaining portfolios were then donated to Critical Resistance and 23 other groups organizing against the prison-industrial complex.


We offer exhibition copies of all of our portfolios for loan to schools, galleries, libraries, community spaces, and other institutions and organizations that want to temporarily exhibit our work! Check out this page for more details and to get started!

Associated Artists

Other Artists
Amor y Resistencia Collective, Andalusia Knoll, Brandon Bauer, Claude Moller, Etta Cetera, Lydia Crumbley.

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Our Passion

Our Passion



Voices from Outside & We Are the Storm: Pain Sugar Gallery

Voices from Outside & We Are the Storm: Pain Sugar Gallery


Pain Sugar Gallery
3635 9th Street
Riverside, CA

We have two portfolios on view this month at the Pain Sugar Gallery in Riverside, California. Voices From Outside is our first ever portfolio, produced with Critical Resistance in 2008….