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Question Cat



The first teacher who truly inspired me, who set the gold standard for exemplary teaching, was Terry Culleton. He taught English at George School and I will always remember the first day of class where he told us that if there was one thing he hoped we would leave his class with, it would be to move through life “questioning everything.” He encouraged each student in his class to find our own voice, develop our own opinions, and to carve paths not yet travelled. His teaching methodology is what I try to tap into when I create artwork, when I cook dinner, when I plan excursions for my six year old. In his class I learned not to think about the world simply as it is, but as it could be. To critically analyze decisions great and small, to create solutions to problems that sit outside of a binary. For me, he also demonstrated how one can live and practice Quakerism in action- to live and work collectively and communally, from a moral and ethical center grounded in spirituality. This print is a humble homage to him.

This print features a striped cat sitting upon an open book with a message to “question everyone and everything.” The cat stares intently towards the viewer, partially obscuring the message in the book. The blanket the cat and book are lying on is wrinkled with a wavy pattern.

There are four paper color options, light blue on the far left, medium blue in the middle, dark blue on the far right. Second picture shows the fourth color option, blue ink on white paper.

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