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I created the design for this print during a visit to Thea Gahr at her family’s nature reserve. I was inspired by the natural beauty of the land and by an in depth discussion Thea and I were having: “At the core of the issue is respect. It’s a lack of respect for women and our bodies.” What if I just do a really brazen, beautiful drawing of a flower with the word “RESPECT”? Thea pushed me to try something different in my practice, so I decided to go hard and create a CMYK silkscreen print, a process I have taught to others but never applied to my own work. At the last minute I used a metallic gold instead of black to really push the print into a reverent, fancy zone. When it came to the text on the print, I wanted to add more information about the core tenants of reproductive justice, which included knowledge, access, privacy, and the power that is a result of being equipped with these tools.

This print was created as part of the This Is An Emergency! portfolio.

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