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Self-care should not have to be a battle, but we live in a dangerous world, where people are continuously fighting for survival, visibility, safety, and freedom. There is violence perpetuated on many levels through systemic oppression and everyday interactions at home, on the streets, and in our communities. Who is criminalized for self-defense? Who is silenced and shamed for expressing their anger and pain? Who was never meant to survive? Understanding healing as an extension of social justice necessitates that we honor people’s truths and self-knowledge of what they need and want in order to thrive, while collectively working towards dismantling oppressions. Let’s envision building safe(r) places from which to heal.

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RIP Harold H. Thompson

RIP Harold H. Thompson

November 17, 2008

Long time prisoner and jailhouse lawyer and activist Harold H. Thompson died on November 11, 2008 of heart failure. Harold was an anarchist prisoner serving life plus sentences in Tennessee,…