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This poster was developed for INCITE's national tour of women of color artists, musicians, poets, dancers & dj's. The tour's name was SISTERFIRE and it took place in the Summer of 2004. Sisterfire was a national/international (Mexico/US border) delegation that visited Portland, New York, Washington DC, Seattle, Los Angeles, Albuquerque, New Orleans, Chicago & Pierre. The group worked with existing local groups to support local grassroots organizing efforts and bring out artists/activists to inspire and build a movement for sister liberation.

I developed this poster as a testament to the contributions of women of color as artists. When I was growing up, I rarely saw images of women of color as cultural workers, and that affected my own perception of myself as a creative person. Therefore, it was important for me to create a poster that portrayed women of color as dancers, musicians, djs and creators of culture.