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Ever since I was a little girl, I've known about the effort to make the planet a priority. I always had a sense that awareness is steadily increasing; that some day in the near future we will all agree to stop this greedy, selfish, destructive nonsense and get on with the work of deconstructing. Well, until now.

The consequences of lack of awareness just got real. It's time to fuel our national dialogue with a clean-burning passion. Science, in all of it's beautiful nuances, is not enough in this culture war. We need to touch people emotionally before they are going to start spreading the word, before they start telling their neighbors: We're doing this for the kids, and the grandkids.

This is a digital print of an original silkscreen design. This design is loosely based on a march that happened in Detroit in the summer of 2010, around the time of the summer solstice (not from a specific photo). The blog post Taking On Detroit's Incinerator explains more about the original inspiration for the design.

A version of this design is available for use by organizations working on environmental issues at Please contact me for use.




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