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Never Give Up


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Dear younger self,

Someday you may give up on the one thing you once thought was the most important. Take heart; it really isn't a matter of not giving up on having or doing specific things, but a matter of not giving up on living a life of love, joy, justice and peace. Always be in the process of creating something good, be gentle with yourself, and never give up on being the most radiant expression of who you are.

Love, current self

This print was a labor of love - 10 layers. It was inspired by an event early in the summer of 2015. Dozens of volunteers folded paper cranes that had quotes by Grace Lee Boggs on the wing, which were released from a balcony at the Allied Media Conference for Grace's 100th birthday. The first edition of this print was included in the Justseeds 2015 Print of the Month Club (now called Community Supported Art).

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