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The Adventures of Dorrit Little #1

Monica Johnson

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Out of stock

In this beautifully-produced comic, Monica Johnson’s Dorrit is working a dead-end job to pay off her exorbitant student loans. “Was college worth it?” she wonders, channeling the worries of a generation of educated millennials torn between the dream of the economic landscape of the past and the reality of making espresso for a living. The Adventures of Dorrit Little is not just a graphic unpacking of the student debt crisis, but a meditation on work, family, and what it means to earn a living in current times.


Updates: Iran’s impending revolution

Updates: Iran’s impending revolution

October 26, 2022

October 26, 2022 marks forty days since the death of Mahsa Jina Amini by Iran’s morality police. From all around the country, thousands of people marched to her gravesite despite road blockades. Students in universities across the county and well as refinery workers continue their strikes against the current oppressive regime.