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The End of the World/The End of Capitalism



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"It is easier to imagine the end of the world than to imagine the end of Capitalism". This quote gets attributed to a variety of people, including Slavoj Zizek, Mark Fisher, and Frederic Jameson, but it was probably Jameson who said it first, and even he said that he heard it from someone else. The idea burrows down into the core of our contemporary experience: that we are so caught up in the titanic processes that commodify the world in service of the profit motive, that the only way we can imagine a way out is by imagining the total destruction of the system; maybe also ourselves, maybe even the world entire. Is it destiny? It's impossible to know. The task of imagination is nobody else's but ours, and if we want to picture ourselves on the outside of this rotten situation, we had better get to work.

This print is made from a hand-cut circle of linoleum, printed three ways on my Vandercook 3 letterpress, with accompanying wood-type text. It's a signed and numbered edition of fifty prints on 110 lb cotton rag Cranes Lettra printmaking paper.

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