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Three Steps


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Out of stock

A small and very affordable new edition of my Three Steps print.

For years I've been returning over and over again to 19th Century labor slogans, possibly because they provide a certain clarity at a moment when everything seems so complicated (even if the clarity is illusory). There is also something extremely powerful about the human hand as a formal device, which has been used so effectively by John Heartfield ("Vote List 5") in 1930s Germany to the millions of images of people holding up two fingers for peace during the 1960s and 70s (and onward). I like the three finger gesture because its meaning is less immediately clear than an open hand, or the peace sign, or a fist.

[And since putting this out, I've been told this is the symbol of resistance in the Hunger Games series, but I swear I had no idea!!]

Printed by Jesse Purcell at Repetitive Press in Toronto.

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