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Deeper Than Mechanics Dare – Spoke Card



In many community bike shops it is assumed that emotions are left at the door and wrenching is the only process necessary. This print was made in the hopes of inspiring gear heads (or anyone whose emotions resemble a tightly coiled labyrinth of chain or a worn out cog) to take the time to communicate about those sticky issues that plague group dynamics. So repeat this mantra three times while you rebuild your bottom bracket: "purpose is the wrench, trust is the grease."

This is a miniature, laminated version of my original print. It can be used as a spoke card, which is a decoration for a bike that goes in-between the spokes. Or it can be used as a relatively indestructible decoration anywhere!

The print was handmade on a letterpress that's over 100 years old. Check out my blog post about how I make them!

Choose your color upon checkout: red ink on pearl, or dark purple on teal.


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