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Vivas Nos Queremos

Vivas Nos Queremos Colectivo

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Vivas Nos Queremos (#vivasnosqueremos) is an ongoing women’s graphic campaign seeking to express with images and words what “our bodies go through every day and what we are seeking when we scream: Vivas Nos Queremos/We Want Ourselves Alive.” This book documents the campaign, from its origin in Mexico City with the Mujeres Grabando Resistencias group, and now expanded by a collective of Argentine women to be a pan-Latin American project. It documents dozens of the prints that have been made, as well as multiple texts about the ideas and process behind the project. This is an amazing document of feminist, socially-engaged printmaking, and is otherwise almost entirely unavailable outside of South America. We have a very limited number of copies here at Justseeds.

This book was published by a group of Argentine publishing projects: Chirimbote Cooperativa de Trabajo, Muchas Nueces, and Editorial el Colectivo.



The book includes a full-color fold-out poster insert that includes instructions for wheatpasting and images of the posters in use in the streets:


Two mini-posters are included:

And a booklet with English translations of the texts: