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We Got This



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We Got This was originally created as a digital poster for the 2014 Howard Zinn Book Fair in San Francisco. On the wall are different threads of Bay Area people’s movements, from the 1969 Alcatraz Occupation by Indians of All Tribes, through the rank-and-file led 1934 General Strike, to the struggles of the United Farmworkers and the Black Panthers, the eviction fight for the International Hotel in Manilatown, and the White Night uprising after Harvey Milk’s assassination. The spirit of revolt is never far, from generation to generation.

I enjoyed experimenting with comic book zipatone patterns, bright Mexican poster colors, and transparent inks for the skin colors. That’s my son, Carmelo, helping out!

They Want our Home

They Want our Home

November 11, 2021

They want our home. Our home. For themselves. They think they have a right to our home simply because they have more money. We are fighting it. The buyers knew…

Gentrifier Grey

Gentrifier Grey

November 5, 2021

Living in San Francisco for close to thirty years, I am seeing more and more of steel grey painted over the houses of the city, slate grey, gentrifier grey. There’s…