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Punk & Metal Record Covers 03: Profanator

by Mazatl
March 16, 2012


Profanator is a Thrash Metal band from Queretaro. Like most thrash metal bands they wanted the grim reaper to be their main focus of the album.
The first draft of this image included an hourglass but I decided to not use it in the end. There was too much stuff going on as it is. And they really wanted the image to have lots dark or black preferably.

So what is better than the grim reaper? The grim reaper standing on a bunch of skeletons of the people it has already taken!
I didn’t get to do any of the layout for this guy, and I personally would have changed a couple of things. But I’m also happy the way it is.
So the artwork varies on a limited edition vinyl they put out. The cover was done by my tocayo Santiago Necrogoat and it’s another representation of the grim reaper. Then in those the original cover is on the insert as you can see below.
That said, you can check out their page HERE.





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