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Sounds of the Week #13

November 6, 2013

Welcome back to Sounds of the Week, the weekly sound musings by members of Justseeds. This week Lou Reed, Songs:Ohia/Jason Molina.

Sound Notes from Pete:
We’ve lost a couple real good one’s this year. As probably all of you know Lou Reed passed away recently, so I’ve been listening to a bunch of Velvet Underground records, and his solo stuff. Here’s some of my personal favorites;

Also Jason Molina passed away back in March. He’s the guy behind Songs:Ohia, which is something I’ve been listening to extensively since first hearing him in 1998 or so, and promptly ordering everything he had released up to that point from his label Secretly Canadian. I’m posting this now because NPR is streaming the 10th anniversary release of his Magnolia Co. album. This is an amazing record, along with incredible art by Will Schaff, but this version has a song I’d never heard before and some incredibly beautiful and sparse demos of the songs that are full band versions on the original LP.
stream the recording HERE
I saw him play as Songs:Ohia only once and was completely blown away; amazed that one person carried such a powerful presence, and a voice like that really existed.
Here’s a few of my favorites:

this is the first song of his I heard, and was immediately hooked:

his cover of Conway Twitty’s Hello Darling is so damn good, as is this footage of him playing it a long time ago:

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