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Endangered Species Mural #12: Streaked Horned Lark & Kincaid’s Lupine

April 13, 2017

I just finished off the 12th in the Endangered Species Mural Project, at the corner of Lombard and Atlantic in North Portland, OR.  Painted with Portland artist Sarah Farahat, the mural shows a couple of larks coming out of a stormcloud into the sun, with a lupine in the moonlight beyond the cloud. These two species used to be pretty common in the prairies of the Willamette valley, a habitat which has been pretty much annihilated by agricultural and urban development. Some last fragments still exist here in PDX, where local bird-nerd friends have reported sightings of these comically horned little ones. The lupine, not so much. Endless struggle against the destruction of the glorious world for bullshit dollars. See the whole panoply of murals here.

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