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Street Art Workers posters hit the street

December 29, 2006

Street Art Workers Releases New Poster Project:
Land & Globalization Poster Series
Wheatpasters and Distributors Needed!

The newest project from the Street Art Workers (SAW) takes a look at how corporate globalization has affected our world, how it has impacted the land, and how people are fighting back. This collection of 25 posters represents artists from 20 cities in 10 different countries. These posters illustrate specific struggles in countries like Brazil and the United States, and they also tackle international issues around poverty and gentrification. Along with a strong critique of imperialism, the posters show how communities throughout the world are resisting corporate power for a more just and sustainable world.
The two-color, 17″ x 23″ posters come in packets of 25, and are printed on easy to paste-up newsprint. We are looking for people to paste these up in their cities, and are selling them in bulk as cheap as we can get them out and onto the streets…
For example:
10 packets (250 posters): $20
40 packets (1000 posters): $40
For more specifics, or to order packets, please see
Posters can also be ordered from Microcosm Publishing and Last Gasp.
We especially need help funding overseas shipping! We printed thousands of these packets and much of it came out of our own pockets. Please help with a donation, or order packets to paste up in your city! All of the money we recieve goes into the continued distribution of this project; anything we may make in surplus will fund our next project. If you are affiliated with an independent distro or bookstore, please get in touch with us about consignment orders.
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Who Are We?
Started in 2001 and based in the U.S., Street Art Workers (SAW) is a network of printmakers, stencil artists, graffiti writers and designers who use the streets for art and activism. As a volunteer-run group, we make street art for grassroots campaigns and post each other´s work across North America. Since 2001, our projects have talked about prisons (2002), the mass media (2003) and utopian ideas for the future (2004).
Our art is a creative tool for social change. We support community organizing by making and distributing high-profile publicity across North America. We want to inspire people who have been attacked, oppressed or ignored by the rich and powerful — communities of color, queers, women, seniors, the disabled and the working class. We emphasize connections between communities and stand against all oppression including racism, sexism and homophobia. We oppose anti-Arab violence as well as anti-Jewish attacks in the U.S.
We want our art to be thought-provoking and politically radical but not simplistic or dogmatic. We want to push ourselves as individual artists and as group to make work that is creative, complex and emotional without being abstract or self-involved.
Our website: Street Art Workers
Contact us by email: streetartworkers (at) gmail (dot) com


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One comment on “Street Art Workers posters hit the street”

I am looking for a Land & Globalization Poster Series poster for a social welfare activity.Your collection seems to be working great.

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