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Street Signs

April 13, 2012


Here’s some random snapshots of graffiti, signs, and lettering that have warmed my heart as I move through Portland and Pittsburgh.


These are both from Pittsburgh, the scratched graf from the holding cell at the (now closed) police substation in Oakland, and the kilroy-esque ‘yes’ on the Birmingham Bridge.

Both from Portland, Slacker Willie’s parking spot is behind Jefferson High School. The duct tape sidewalk abstraction is somewhere near Albina.

Conceptually impressive.

Both from Pittsburgh, one containing one of my favorite hammer and sickle tags.

Portland, on the street and at the punk house.

Two sandwich board signs from Portland. When I first saw the one on the left I thought it said Mass Age, thinking it some new Portland assembly line themed cafe, wasn’t till I looked at it later that I realized it simply said ‘massage’. Anyway, two examples of handsome lettering.

A mail drop box in Polish Hill, and the emergency instructions in the lab at school.

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