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Workspace: Icky

August 28, 2014


This post is part of an effort to do online studio visits with every member of the Justseeds collective. I’ve asked people to describe their current studio set-up and also to describe what an ideal set-up for them would look like. But I haven’t had a response in awhile, so this is a studio visit, today, with myself!


Currently I work out of the middle room in my apartment in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is a city of many row houses. I do have a window where I work, but it faces a brick wall about 3 feet away. Not a lot of light, though decent ventilation.
Up until this month I had not made a print in about a year. I self-analyzed why and one of the primary reasons was that I’ve really grown to hate trying to do large print-runs by hand. I find it not only frustrating but hard on my neck, shoulders, and wrists. So I recently bought a small, tabletop, etching press. I’m used to working with letterpresses, so I’m still trying to work out the kinks with the thing but hopefully it will lead to a more robust printing life for myself.

Ideally I don’t need too much for a workspace. I’ve never really used a studio effectively. I’ve always worked on a desk in my bedroom. In my house in Portland I had two letterpresses in the basement, a platen press and a sign/proof press which was a nice set-up for me. It was basement so it could get dirty and messy on big print runs. But it was also a basement, so it was a little damp and moldy too. Prints took a lot of time to dry and often in the middle of big print runs I would feel like a troll as I walked upstairs to drink more coffee and see the sunlight. But, really, that was the best place I’ve had to work so far. Picture of that place below.

(pictured: friends and mess. not pictured: letterpresses. Couldn’t find another photo offhand)


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