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Swoon’s Art for Bhopal pt1

March 4, 2010

Here’s the first of a series of posts from Swoon:

Here are some photo collage pages I made about the amazing Sambhavna Trust Clinic in Bhopal India.
This place is one of the most impressive independent community initiatives I have ever seen. It is run by doctors, scientists, volunteers, and community members, many of whom are themselves victims of the 1984 Union Carbide disaster. It is a beautiful and welcoming oasis in the middle of one of the world’s worst industrial disasters. These photos will be a part of a show benefiting the Bhopal Medical Appeal, who still continue to fight for justice for the disaster victims, for whom Dow Chemical (Union Carbide’s parent company) still refuses responsibility.
For more info, check out these sites: and



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One comment on “Swoon’s Art for Bhopal pt1”

On behalf of The Bhopal Medical Appeal, I have just put together the show mentioned above.
It could not have happened without the help of Charley Evil and Ged Wells and all of the amazing work that was kindly donated by an incredible bunch of artists.
Charley asked Swoon to contribute but he did not realise, and neither did I, that Swoon had actually visited our clinic in Bhopal!
SWOON is of course completely right… the Sambhavna clinic is an amazing place.
You can find out more about the Bhopal Medical Appeal, and the Sambhavna clinic, on our website:
You can find out more about the ‘Skullduggerous’ art show on our ‘Art for Bhopal’ blog:
Or Facebook page:
It was an amazing surprise to see the photos of our clinic in the pieces SWOON submitted…

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