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November 17, 2009

Check out info on the STUPAK part of the current health care bill.
Women are denied access to abortion coverage- the bill actually denies coverage to women who already have it. Abortion is a procedure 1 out of every 3 women have at some point in their lives. Males’ reproductive health coverage remains in the bill- men still have access to Viagra, prostate cancer coverage, male infertility, vasectomies, etc.
(a Great article is here:)
We don’t see men’s health being compromised- only women’s,
If you are in RI
contact Langevin… you can reach his staff at this email:
put pressure on him to reverse STUPAK!!!
if you are outside of RI- email your local statehouse reps NOW!!!!
make posters about this issue… don’t let the coathanger return!!!

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South End Press Hiring!

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