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The Audacity of Desperation: Call for Work

February 15, 2008

This looks to be an interesting project, hopefully we’ll get some stuff together to submit, you should too!
The Audacity of Desperation: a call for work
Deadline March 10, 2008
Exhibition dates: April 4- May 11 at the Indy Media Center in Urbana, Il.
Organized by Sarah Ross and Jessica Lawless
The Audacity of Desperation is an art exhibition, political action, and on-going dialogue. We are currently seeking distributable artworks addressing the topic of “desperation.” In November 2008 something is going to change. The worst president ever will finally be voted out of the Whitehouse. But, as the infamous writing on the wall reads, IF VOTING CHANGED ANYTHING THEY’D MAKE IT ILLEGAL. Works should exist in multiples with the intention to be freely distributed to audiences. Media can include, but is not at all limited to: posters, stickers, stencils, zines, stamps—ink and postage— buttons, CD’s/DVD’s, postcards, t-shirts and manifestos.
Please send submissions, questions or inquires to:
We prefer digital submissions. The file size does not need to reflect your final piece.
For more information:
If it is not possible to send a digital reproduction, send your submission to:
Desperation submission
c/o jessica lawless
7523 1/2 Lexington Ave.
West Hollywood, CA 90046
Both electronic and material submissions should include:
* Your Name
* e-mail address
* Materials and dimensions
Submissions Due: March 10


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