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The Street Are Queer

October 21, 2019

The Streets Are Queer is a first-of-its-kind show bringing together Queer Street Artists from North America. Artists include: Homo Riot, Hugo Gyrl, Jilly Ballistic, Suriani, Little Ricky, David Puck, Jeffrey Cheung, Xavier Schipani, Jeremy Novy, The Postman, Diva Dog, AceTroy, Bludog 10003, Klo, Katie Bush, Mr. Mahaffey, Nathan Rapport, Horn Dog, Gender Riot, BYPO, Jony DePew, WokeFace, Dusty REbel, Sickid.

November 9- December 7, 2019. In Los Angeles, California at IN HEROES WE TRUST. Opening reception on November 9 at 6pm.

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