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7 comments on “This is what you look like.”

This is incredible, Stain has one from way back that Baltimore made. There’s always these broad generalizations, yet laughable, just frighten parents and others.
So what does one do when they realize their kid is a tagger?
And how many cities release things like this? I’d love to see more!

“But, if you find two or more of these implements among his or her things…” Okay, so now every kid in Santa Ana with a hoodie and a backpack are potential taggers…? Are they serious?
My favorite part about this poster is that the stencil just says “STENCIL.” I want a stencil like that.
— Miz L.

These posters are raising the awareness of parents all over. They are a service to all. They just don’t work. When do gov’t posters ever work?

haha, that shit is ludricrous. But at the same time we have to be aware of the problems this creates for us artists in America. Do they have a poster like that for corporate CEO’s who’s wealth brainwashes us with billboards advertising things we don’t need? People would rather see art but viewing it as a crime has twisted the reality of law abiding citizens like parents who abide by the corrupt system we are under, while this is hilarious and stereotypical as fuck. This is what people actually think. Respect their propaganda by respecting yourself and not taking it lightly. Decriminalize street art. Peace love respect, keep makin art however you do it in whatever medium.

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