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Tom Gabel’s song in Support of Eric Mcdavid

November 26, 2008

There weren’t many opportunities to be politicized, radically, growing up in a small town. I found most political ideas and became aware of activist “campaigns” through music. The Dead Kennedys, Conflict, Crass, and dozens of other bands exposed me to everything like Anarchism, animal rights, ecological destruction, pacifism, direct action, current events, and Political Prisoners.
Tom Gabel, frontman from Against Me!, has written a song about Eric Mcdavid, a political prisoner sentenced to over 19 years in prison. It’s not anthemic, like many Against Me! songs, but its content has the ability to raise the consciousness of a handful his fans. Check out the video.
Anna Is A Stool Pigeon

Check out SupportEric for more info on his case.


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