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Two GI Resisters Rodney Watson and Kimberley Rivera Need Your Support NOW

September 11, 2012


Kimberley Rivera and Rodney Watson who have sought refuge in Canada are now facing deportation threats from the Canadian government. Kimberly Rivera, the first women Iraq war resister to come to Canada, after she grew disillusioned with the war was ordered to return to the United States by September 20th. Kimberly and her family are weighing their legal options and asking you to show your support by writing letters to Canadian Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.

Rodney Watson is a Fort Hood Iraq war veteran who after facing a second deployment to Iraq choose to resist, desert, and seek refuge in Canada. In 2009 after facing the threat of deportation and jail Rodney sought sanctuary at the First United Church in Vancouver, Canada.

The IVAW website has specific requests on how how you can support Rivera and Watson in their time of need that primarily involves writing letters to the Canadian Immigration Minister and to Watson to stand in solidarity with his actions. Click here to help out these two conscientious objectors who continue to stand against war and militarism.


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