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Viva Michael Rossman! Viva the Poster!

February 24, 2011

This Fri, Feb. 25 in Oakland CA, there will be a massive Poster Jam celebrating the Oakland Museum’s recent acquisition of Michael Rossman’s AOUON (All of Us or None) Political Poster Archive..
Lincoln Cushing, who archived the collection of over 23,000 posters explains, “The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most prolific places in the world for the production of independent political posters, with an unbroken tradition spanning over 45 years. The AOUON Collection reflects the incredibly rich, talented and cooperative community of graphic artists, print shops and activist organizations that show how this democratic public art contributes to the movements for social justice.” (see full article here)
I will be participating in a Political Poster Jam at the Oakland Museum alongside my mentors and fellow poster artists, including former Black Panther Minister of Culture, Emory Douglas; archivist, Lincoln Cushing; Founder of the Center for the Study of Political Graphics, Carol Wells; fellow JustSeeder, Jesus Barraza; and the San Francisco Print Collective…to name a few. Rarely does such a talented group convene on the same night!
February 25, 2011 • 8-11 pm
Oakland Museum of CA • 1000 Oak St. Oakland, CA 94607
9 pm, Panel with Favianna Rodriguez, Emory Douglas, Lincoln Cushing & Carol A. Wells.
In the video below, Lincoln remembers about Michael Rossman. Michael, your love for the poster lives strong in all of us!


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