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Want to stop CNN’s Lou Dobbs from spreading lies about immigrants?

October 21, 2009

This past March, I cofounded an online advocacy organization centered around Latinos and our struggles – One of the most recent campaigns we launched has been around CNN’s Lou Dobbs, the most dangerous man for Latinos in the United States.
WHY LOU DOBBS? We are targeting Lou Dobbs because more than ANY person in the media, he spreads misinformation and hateful messages about Latinos and immigrants. Lou Dobbs talks about immigrants as invaders, as criminals, as people bringing disease into this country, and he backs it up with false statistics and incendiary language. Even worse, he uses his platform to give airtime to the most extremist, anti-immigrant voices, like the Minutemen, FAIR, and Sheriff Arpaio.

He claimed that immigrants are creating an epidemic of leprosy, using statistics from a radical right-wing author that were totally false and debunked by Center for Disease Control.

He claimed that undocumented immigrants make up 1/3 of our prisons and jails. Also totally false, and debunked by the US Department of Justice.

He repeatedly reports on the supposed “Reconquista” movement, saying that Mexico wants to take over the southwest US. This is literally a conspiracy theory, it’s the equivalent of reporting on UFOs. He also stated, on his radio, that “Mexico has become our enemy.”

We have heard enough of these anti-Latino and anti-immigrant messages from Lou Dobbs, which is why our organization,, joined with partner groups in the 25 largest Latino markets to tell CNN that it’s time for Lou Dobbs to go.
You can join our fight by clicking here


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One comment on “Want to stop CNN’s Lou Dobbs from spreading lies about immigrants?”

Inspiring work and great to hear about the campaigns against Dobbs, Beck, and the other media pundits who poison the airwaves and use racism and hate mongering to divide people.