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Why People Riot

April 23, 2008


Quiz. A major riot took place in Montreal on Monday night where store windows were smashed and close to a dozen police cars were set on fire. Can you guess why?
A. The city rises up against capitalism.
B. Anger over police brutality turns into a full-scale riot.
C. Axl Rose.
D. Justseeds cannot fulfill all of its orders on time. The public freaks.
E. The Montreal Canadians defeat the Boston Bruins in game seven of the playoffs. Rabid sports fans loot downtown.
For the answer, check out this video.


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One comment on “Why People Riot”

damn the video was taken down, before i could find out whether they’re pissed cos they didnt get their Locust tank or this years NYC Anarchist Bookfair poster!
Or if my waning interest in pro sports over the last 12 years has insulated me from the greatest destruction of the last, well, 12 years
-D- HA!