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Work Calendar 2011!!!

November 24, 2010

All of us at Justseeds are excited to announce our brand new 2011 wall calendar we produced in collaboration with AK Press and Eberhardt Press!!! The calendar explores the theme of what “work” is, and should be, through the lens of thirteen different artists, all with very different visual styles and approaches.
Designing this was a nice challenge—rather than working with a standard cmyk/4-color process, I worked up each image in a combination of 4 different spot colors, in order to work best with Eberhardt’s old school presses. It was a struggle to try to maximize the intent and impact of the images while minimizing the color palette. Some of the months are one spot color, some 2 or 3, and a couple are all 4. In addition, it was a tough negotiation to get a calendar that works both as a calendar and a piece of art that hangs on your wall. I took a cue from Nikki McClure and her successful calendars and just gestured to the dates, allowing for maximum impact of the art.
AK Press only printed 1000 copies, and about half are already spoken for, so get one of these before they’re gone! You can buy it HERE. Click below to see 6 of the months.



Participating Justseeds artists: Thea Gahr, Melanie Cervantes, Favianna Rodriguez, Colin Matthes, Chris Stain, Meredith Stern, Bec Young, Alec Icky Dunn, Mazatl, Kevin Caplicki, Jesus Barraza, Shaun Slifer, with cover and overall design by Josh MacPhee.


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