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The Forest is Free


This is a reduction blockprint, also known as a suicide print, multiple colors printed from a single block which is recarved after each session in the press. Made on the Vandercook at PNCA in Portland during our recent retrospective, this image is an attempt to say something simple about something important. Some things are worth defending, worth fighting like hell for, because they remind of us what we are and why.

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Freedom Bookstore Firebombed

Freedom Bookstore Firebombed

February 2, 2013

I’ve just seen (via Boing Boing) that Freedom Books was recently and mysteriously firebombed. The long-lived London Anarchist bookstore is 125 years old. Read more here.

Portland Openings!

Portland Openings!

November 8, 2009

First Thursday in Portland, Oregon. It was a rainy, windy night, and still the people came out to partake of the smorgasbord of Justseeds art on display! Two shows opened,…