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Mission Gráfica: Reflecting a Community in Print

October 18, 2022

This just in! One of the key community print shops in the US—Mission Gráfica in San Francisco—is putting together a book documenting its 40-year history. Written by Art Hazelwood, a longtime comrade of Justseeds, it will not only be an essential collection of political print imagery, but a huge resource for anyone interested in the actual mechanics of running a socially-engaged printshop. See below, a message from Art and info about supporting the book:

“We are finally nearing the end of our 10-year odyssey to complete a book on the history of Mission Gráfica as told from the point of view of the community that worked there and created much of the work that made Gráfica the premiere artistic/activist printshop in the San Francisco Bay Area: Mission Gráfica: Reflecting a Community in Print

We have launched an Indiegogo campaign to help us fund printing and distribution costs. Production has been completed by our group, with writing, editing, layout and over 100 images by 60 artists selected, but we need the support of our community to pay the printer and support distribution.

We are appealing to our fellow artists, friends and associates to help us take the final step to publication. While the book is available through the usual suspects online that is an on-demand copy, and is slightly less high-quality than the book we are having printed at a union shop in San Francisco, so we are advising our friends to get it from us. The link below will get people to the Indiegogo site where they can contribute or pre-order the book

Support Grafica Book

Thank you for any support you can lend us for this project.”

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